PG Mini


Production, quality, range and specialization: on these strengths PG has founded its own production and organizational structure.

The reliability of the PG brand grows and strengthens throughout its history: born in the 1950s as a precision mechanical workshop specializing in the manufacture of metal parts in the early 1980s, while continuing its original business , PG's production and sales started with other products, expanding and diversifying the range of tools and drill accessories.

A long experience and an innovative and dynamic reality that always ensures precise and specific responses, have enabled PG to identify and develop new projects, select and qualify raw materials, online controls and on finished products, optimizing operating times, rational and safe management methods, scrupulous approval tests and strict controls in accordance with current european safety standards, to reach an accurate packaging study for the best lay-out at the point of sale. All this trying to reduce as much as possible the environmental impact during the manufacturing cycle, in a secure, responsible and collaborative work environment.

Identification and development of new projects, selection and qualification of raw materials, on-line and finished products controls, operational time optimization, adoption of rational and safe management methods, scrupulous approval tests and controls, rigorous according to current European safety standards, up to a careful study of the packaging for obtaining optimal displaying at the point of sale.

PG has developed and strengthened a capillary, efficient and flexible distribution network on the most important Italian and foreign markets, enabling customers to have a constant availability of a dialogue, an high level of service and a great relationship between price and quality.

PG range is constantly evolving and is able to provide a complete and compatible assortment with the most important brands of power tools. These are the features and benefits that make PG a guarantee and a landmark for those who want the best of production in the DIY, hardware and tools market.

The experience matured by PG, working daily with its customers, has enabled it to develop a deep knowledge of the exhibition and logistics needs of the point of sale.
A careful study of packaging, its colors and the harmonization of its formats, has been combined with the search for modular and flexible solutions for exposure. PG is able to offer a particularly effective display system, which allows to show the full range of products with a strong visual impact for customers.